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Ombi Development


In this example I'll be using VS Code to edit the frontend.

  1. Clone the Repository
  2. Change to the relevant branch (currently development)
  3. Install the .Net Core SDK (latest)
  4. Install NodeJS and Tools for Node.js Native Modules
  5. Install Yarn
  6. Set the Env variable to development $export ASPNETCORE_Environment=Development or $env:ASPNETCORE_ENVIRONMENT = "Development" in Powershell
  7. Open up a New Terminal in the following location: ~src/Ombi/ClientApp, run the following:
  8. yarn (wait for it to install all dependencies)
  9. yarn start
  10. Go to ~/src/Ombi in a Terminal Window and run dotnet run -- --host http://*:3577
  11. Navigate to http://localhost:5000/

You can now make UI changes and it will use Hot Module Reloading to show the changes.

If you are doing this on your server machine changing the environment will make your Ombi install fail to run. Be sure to change the environment back to production to re-run Ombi.

Last update: 2021-07-29
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