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Generic Settings

This page contains some of the basic settings to configure Ombi.
It is a stub, and only holds settings that aren't big enough for their own full pages.

Base URL

This is for Reverse Proxy setups. Put the base url you want in e.g. if the /location block is like the following (Nginx) /location ombi then put in /ombi as a Base Url.
If you are running Ombi on startup (so it launches when the system boots up), see startup parameters for how to set the --baseurl startup parameter on your method.

Api Key

This is to use the API that Ombi provides. See here

Auto Delete Available Requests

This will auto delete requests which have been marked available for 'x' days.
If it's set to 1 then it will delete available requests after they have been available in the system for a day.

Do not send Notifications if a User has the Auto Approve permission

This will not send the admin any "New Request" notifications if they have auto approve, that simple really!

Hide requests from other users

This will not show any requests to any "normal" user (non-admin or power user).

Last update: 2022-03-25