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User Roles

Here is an explanation of what the roles mean and what permissions they give.
Note: Changing user roles requires them to log out and in again before they are applied.

  • Admin
    This is the role that gives the power to do everything! You have full access to all users, manage requests and the ability to view and change any settings.
  • Power User
    This role has the ability to manage users and manage requests. It does not have access to any settings.
  • Request Movie
    Gives the ability for the user to request movies.
  • Request Tv
    Gives the ability for the user to request TV Shows, Seasons and Episodes.
  • Auto Approve Movie
    Auto approves all movie requests for this user.
  • Auto Approve TV
    Auto approves all Tv Show, Season and Episode requests for this user.
  • Disabled
    If a user has this role they can no longer log in. Because they've been disabled.
  • Receives Newsletter
    Users with this role will receive the Ombi Newsletter (if you have it active).
  • Request Music
    User can request music.
  • Auto Approve Music
    Users music requests will be automatically approved and sent to Lidarr.
  • Manage Own Requests
    This will allow the user to delete their own requests.
    Should be used in conjunction with the "Hide Requests from other users" setting.
  • Custom Page This allows the user to edit the custom page (if enabled)

Last update: 2021-02-06
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