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Task Scheduler with Pictures

  1. Open 'Task Scheduler'.
    Either search for it in start, or simply Run...
    Win+R %windir%\system32\taskschd.msc
  2. Click Create task... on the right hand side.
    Task Scheduler
  3. Give the task a name.
    Example: Ombi
    Add a description if you want (this is not required).
    Ombi Task
  4. Check Run with highest privileges
  5. Click Run whether user is logged on or not to ensure Ombi runs even when you are logged out!
  6. Check Hidden
    Task Trigger
  7. Configure for: (Choose your Windows version.)
  8. Click the Triggers Tab and click New...
  9. Begin the task: At system startup. Click OK.
  10. Click Browse... and navigate to your Ombi.exe Click Open
  11. Fill Start in (optional): with Ombi.exe's working directory.
    IE: C:\Ombi\ or C:\SERVERS\Ombi\. Basically, wherever you extracted your 'Ombi' folder to. Click OK
  12. Conditions: un-tick all, click 'OK'. Task Conditions
  13. Settings Tab: Untick Stop the task if it runs longer than:, then click OK. Task Settings
  14. You will be prompted for your windows user name and password.
    Please enter your credentials, and click OK.

Either restart your PC for task scheduler to take over, or manually start it in the Task Scheduler Library on the far left.

Last update: 2021-02-17
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