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Known Faults

Any and all common bugs that we are aware of will be added here.
Please note that as things are being found, reported, and fixed at a colossal rate, this page will frequently be outdated.
To see all currently unfixed issues in the github repository, please see this search.

Error updating from Web UI

See Update Errors

Repo Errors

Using the v4 repo, I get "missing release file".

We are currently migrating the repositories. Bear with us, it will be resolved soon™.

Error "apt-key is Deprecated"

Ubuntu 21.xx and onwards has moved to a new method of signing repositories, where keys are trusted per repository instead of per key.
Apt-Key still works, but an updated method for 21.xx has been added to the installation page. You may have to remove the old apt repository in order to update to the new method moving forward.

Unauthorized access to Index.html

Ombi currently needs access to write and read the Index.html file (ClientApp/dist/index.html), this is to work around a unsupported scenario with Angular.
Ombi will write and read that file every time Ombi starts up.

Cannot start Ombi on Ubuntu 19.04

.Net Core 5.0 is not supported officially on Ubuntu 19.04 (see Supported Distributions to confirm).
Since the Ombi backend uses .Net Core, we will have to manually install the older version of libssl (from 18.10) in order to make Ombi run.
To confirm this is the fault, run journalctl -u Ombi -b and look for the line "no usable version of libssl found" - this will confirm that this is the fix.
We can do this using the following commands from a terminal:

sudo dpkg -i libssl1.0.0_1.0.2n-1ubuntu6_amd64.deb

Start the Ombi service with service Ombi start and confirm that it's worked with systemctl status ombi.

Mobile Notifications & PiHole

Numerous PiHole and AdGuard lists block OneSignal by default, causing Ombi to be unable to push a notification to it and your mobile device to be unable to retrieve one from it.
The error will be similar to:
There was an error when sending the Mobile message. Please check your settings.

Check your PiHole/Adguard immediately after hitting the "Test Notification" button.
If you see "" being blocked, whitelist it and try again.

libunwind8 error cannot open shared object file You may need to install libwind8.

Run apt install libunwind8


System.TypeInitializationException: The type initializer for 'System.Net.Http.CurlHandler' threw an exception.

Run apt install libcurl4-openssl-dev

Ombi failing to start on macOS Monterey

As of macOS Monterey the AirPlay listener now uses port 5000 by default. This causes Ombi to fail to start due to the port being in use.
You can turn off the AirPlay function under System Preferences -> Sharing. This will allow Ombi to start, however AirPlay will turn on again and cause the same issue at the next reboot.
The only possible workaround at present is to set the host startup parameter to use a different port (--host http://*:new_port).

Last update: 2022-02-02
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